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CASE STUDY 1: We Love Our Customers Promotion (2008-2010)


Create a promotion in February to increase sales and transaction count for 350 stores across the U.S. during a slow-to-average month. The budget was $200K.


Created a multi-tactic promotion to increase number of visits, attract new customers, and encourage referrals. Using focus group feedback and franchisee interviews, I determined that Postnet’s personal, relationship-based service would resonate as a marketing message.

Promotion components

  1. Kick-off postcard mailing to 1000 homes within 3-5 miles of every store
  2. Store kits with materials to encourage customers to shop multiple times during the promotion
  3. Promotional items to increase awareness outside of the 4-walls – the most striking giveaways were candy hearts custom-imprinted with words that highlighted key services
  4. Online contest encouraging customers to submit PostNet testimonials. This allowed us to collect thousands of testimonials to analyze and incorporate into future customer communications
  5. Online dashboards for store owners to easily review testimonials and track what tactics were driving customers to their store
  6. Planning, training, and follow-up marketing tactics for stores to implement locally (including in-store tactics, email marketing to their customer database, sales visits and networking)

I managed a small team including a writer, website developer, vendor coordinator and graphic designer to implement this promotion.


This promotion was very successful, and has become an annual February promotion since 2008. Every year, customers actually go in to stores and ask when the candy hearts will arrive – this indicates that we have effectively trained customers to anticipate this tradition. The candy is also used as an effective conversation starter by store owners during sales visits and networking meetings.

In 2008, we had a 12% bump in revenue as a result of increased transactions. In 2009 and 2010, stores saw steadily declining customer counts. However, the February promotion still successfully attracted customers to come out. February 2009 and February 2010 were some of PostNet’s best months both for customer count and revenue.

Bonus Project (Social Media)

In 2010, we used the promotion to officially invite customers to become Facebook fans of PostNet. In the fi rst two weeks of February, our fan-base grew from 60 to 800 fans, and customers started interacting on the wall by boasting about why their PostNet was the best.