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CASE STUDY 2: Small Business Month Promotion (2010)


Create awareness of PostNet’s business services and get new customers for 350 PostNet locations across the country. The budget was $160K.


Ran a multi-channel marketing promotion throughout the month of May to leverage National Small Business week.

Promotion components

  1. Variable data postcards to 500 small businesses near each location. The cards encouraged each recipient to win an iPad or $50 in free printing by going to their own personalized URL (PURL)
  2. Interactive contest website that also served as a lead form, where we collected information about each entrant's business and printing needs
  3. Online dashboards so store owners could review the leads and follow-up immediately
  4. Social media, PR channels, and customer email marketing to spread the word
  5. Training and planning materials for store owners to implement local marketing tactics
  6. Store kits including POP materials to encourage return visits during the promotion, and promotional giveaways to spread longer term awareness

I managed a small team including a writer, graphic designer, web programmer, and vendor coordinator to develop the promotion.


The online contest form allowed us to collect valuable information on what prospects want and how they heard about the contest. 22% of
contest entries came from postcards and 32% came from our online marketing tactics. The remaining entries came from stores following the local tactics on which we trained them. 28% of entrants specifically requested that a PostNet contact them for a quote. The return visit coupons of “$10 off a purchase of $50 or more” resulted in an average transaction of $80. Typically, the average transaction across all stores is $24.

As a result of the overall promotion, we collected over 1000 business leads, and the system-wide average transaction increased by $2 during the promotion month.