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CASE STUDY 4: UPS Sweepstakes: Ship your way to the Mediterranean (2007)


Increase awareness of UPS services and increase UPS sales for 350 PostNet locations in the U.S. This promotion was co-sponsored by UPS but exclusive to PostNet. The budget was $150K.


Developed a sweepstakes promotion to attract new customers and incentivize existing customers to ship UPS at PostNet. The more packages they shipped, the more entries they received.

Promotion Components

  1. Direct mail postcard to homes within 3-5 miles of each store encouraging them to ship UPS at PostNet to enter the contest
  2. POP materials including POS cards to staple to receipts with instructions on how to enter
  3. Promotional items including branded stress relieves in the shape of a cruise ship
  4. Website to enter the contest by inserting the tracking number for each package shipped
  5. Supplemental store marketing materials to increase awareness locally
  6. Internal cash contest to challenge store owners to increase UPS sales. Materials included tactics to up-sell and cross-sell for UPS. Stores could win based on their percentage increase and dollar increase in year over year UPS sales for the month of August.

I was responsible for the strategy, production timeline, communications and design of the entire promotion. A small team including a writer and a vendor coordinator assisted on the project.


The promotion accounted for a 7% increase in UPS sales system-wide that was above and beyond our usual projected growth. Our numbers were so dramatic in comparison to other authorized ship centers that UPS called us to find out what we did, and to see if they could recreate the promotion for other shipping partners.