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Quick Overview of Experience

Leslie has over seven years of experience in the graphic design and marketing world. She specializes in using graphic design and communications to create the best user experience while also encouraging the audience to change their behavior.

From creating better strategies to get people to read communications to increasing customer count during a promotional month, all of the projects, Leslie has developed focus on what problem the client is trying to solve or what goal they are trying to achieve.

Strategy: Adept with creating and developing innovative, effective promotion designs to increase brand awareness. Experience with developing marketing and communications strategies for customer retention/loyalty. Experience with social media and SEO strategies.

Design and Production: Experienced with developing and creating concepts and briefs. Proven experience with copywriting, typography, color, communication, style and master sheets, publication design, promotional design, identity, website design, email marketing, presentation design, signage and more.

Software: Fluent in Adobe Creative Suite Products and Dreamweaver. Competent with Quark Xpress and all Microsoft Offi ce products. Comfortable with Mac and PC environments. Ability to pick up new software quickly.

General: Problem-solving self-starter that consistently produces creative, high quality communications. Works well independently, in teams, in branded environments and with clients. Good organization and project management skills. Experience managing teams, clients and collaborating across departments.

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